11 Things for Couples to do in Tacoma

There are many things for couples to do in Tacoma.  Doing things as a couple can be affordable, romantic (if you want it to be) and exciting.  If you are looking to chat with your partner then you might prefer something quiet and intimate.  Maybe you are just looking for fun in which case there are plenty of things that fit the bill in Tacoma.

My wife and I get to go on a date (just me and her) about every other month.  Some things we enjoy doing together while other things we would rather do as a family (with the kids).  So I am going to share several ideas for things couples can do in Tacoma.  I am sure I will write another article on this topic as my wife and I get out and do more things but for now this is what I got and I hope you find something in this list that you would want to do with your significant other.

Tacoma Comedy Club

Comedy Club – Tacoma Comedy Club

At the moment I can only vouch for the good experience my wife and I had at the Tacoma Comedy Club.  You can watch comedians while eating dinner or just having drinks.  The dress is casual and you are bound to have a good time.  For more information about the experience I had with my wife and what to expect at the club click here.

Walk Along the Tacoma Waterfront

Tacoma has gone to great lengths and expense to make a wonderful area to walk along the Tacoma Waterfront.  The Tacoma Waterfront is a 2 mile long path with beach access, the Les Davis Pier, the historic fire station, the Dickmao mill (or what is left of it), the Old Town Dock, the Jack Hyde Park and the Chinese Reconciliation Park.

I would recommend walking around the Chinese Reconciliation Park as they have a little jetty, bridge, benches next to the water and wonderful view.  My family and I go there all the time and there are always a few couples in the area sitting together watching the water and boats.  It’s quite nice and romantic.


Tim Hall Band
Tim Hall Band

Listen to Live Music at Dawson’s Bar and Grill

Dawson’s Bar and Grill is one of my favorite bars to go to because they have dart boards (I love darts) and live music.  They classify their music as jazz depending on what band is playing but it always makes for a good time.  When the band is playing the dance floor is open.  Every time I go on a weekend the dance floor is packed with people having a good time.

If you don’t want to dance you can just sit and listen to the music.  Many people order food or have a beverage.  For more information about Dawson’s Bar and Grill Click Here.


I typically go to the zoo in Tacoma with the whole family but the zoo makes a perfect place to do on a date.  It is inexpensive and entertaining for several hours.  Not many cities have a zoo and you are lucky enough to be in a city with a zoo.  Take your significant other to the zoo, take plenty of pictures and bring a picnic lunch.  Have a good time and thank me later.


There are a few small movie theaters in Tacoma but since I can’t vouch for them I can’t recommend them yet.  So for now I will recommend two theaters in Lakewood, Washington (which I pretty much consider to be Tacoma anyway).

For the usual movie experience there is the Regal Lakewood Stadium located at 2410 84th Street South in Lakewood.  They always have the latest movies playing and you will have a good experience here.  Click here for their website.

For a better more comfortable and luxurious experience I would recommend the AMC Lowes Lakewood Towne Center 12 Theater.  Basically you get to sit in a large leather recliner that literally lays back to where you are completely flat during your movie.  I have accidentally fallen asleep during a movie because I was so comfortable (ya, the wife yelled at me because I was snoring, but that is another story).  The other great thing about this theater is you get to pick the exact seat you sit in during the movie.   By doing this you don’t have to rush to the theater or get there early.  Just buy your ticket through their website, pick your seats and you are good to go.

Washington State History Museum builidng



Museums are the perfect place for couples to enjoy something different and new.  The museums in Tacoma aren’t lame; they are quite cool. I have been to every museum in Tacoma and can say they are all enjoyable.  Find the specific museum that you and your significant other will enjoy and head on out there.  Below are the links to the museums that I recommend.

Glass Museum (this is a hit and miss museum.  Sometimes it is good and sometimes I wish I could get my money back.  One thing that is worth the money every time is watching them make glass art. They do it every day and it is quite interesting to watch.

Washington State History Museum – This is a very large museum that tells the history of Washington and Tacoma.  You can spend quite a bit of time in here and it is worth the money.

Art Museum – Another great museum with various types of art that is displayed.

Lemay Car Museum – One of the greatest displays of cars ever assembled is the Lemay Car Museum.  There is plenty to see and learn at this museum.  Click here to get an idea of what is there.

Dorky's Video Games

Dorky’s Bar Arcade

Many couples come to the Bar Arcade. They have a ton of video games from various eras, food, beer bar, and a DJ that plays the records at night.  The wife and I recently went here. Click here for what to expect at Dorky’s.

Bike and Hike at Point Defiance

There are a ton of trails to walk on in the Point Defiance Park.  I have yet to do this but always watch hikers having a good time as I drive through.  If hiking isn’t your thing then get on your bikes and take a ride through the park.  It’s great exercise with some great views of the Pudget Sound.

Duke's Chowder House Tacoma WA

Dinner and Drinks on the Water

Did you go on that walk I recommended on the Tacoma Waterfront?  Well if you did I hope you headed over to one of the restaurants on the water for a dinner with an ocean view. If the weather was good you may have even ate out on the deck.

If you don’t want dinner then have drinks and chat as you enjoy the view.  I can vouch for the following restaurants/bars.

Roller Skating

Roller Skating

Roller Skating with your loved one is a great way to have some exercise, listen to music and laugh.  Rolling 253 is the roller skate rink I recommend.  It’s affordable, clean and fun.  Click here for what to expect from Rolling 253.

I hope one of these ideas resonates with you and your significant other. If you have an idea that you think I should share then contact me through the contact page or comment below.  Have a great time out there and be safe.

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