The authorsHi Everyone,

My name is Andrew I am from Tacoma, Washington.  I originally started this website in hopes of sharing informative information about various things to do in Tacoma.  I started writing about the places I had been to and what those attractions had to offer.  I found that it wasn’t very much fun to just write informatively about the different things to do in Tacoma.  I wasn’t sharing enough of my own experiences at these locations.

So after some discussion with my wife I started doing just that, adding more of myself and my experiences with different locations that I go to in Tacoma.  Now when you read about the different things to do in Tacoma you hear whether I think it is worth visiting, or how the staff at a location treated my family and I.  I comment on the condition of the bathrooms or if I thought something was too pricy.   You will still read about important facts regarding the business or activity in Tacoma but more and more you will read about my experience with it.

Since I do quite a bit with my family throughout the year outside of Tacoma I decided to add an additional section on this website that focuses on the attractions outside of Tacoma that Washington State has to offer.  I didn’t want to have to start an entirely new website to share information that I know others wouldn’t mind finding out about already.  Many of the things that I share are family focused.  That is to say that I go to specific locations with my family in mind and share the experience with you as if you were thinking of taking your family. This is not to say that these locations are fun experience alone or with a loved one, it’s just how I experienced the activity or location.

With all of this being said thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this.  Hopefully this website can shed some light on new activities for you to experience or help with determining whether a location or activity is worth trying.  Have fun and be safe!