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I love looking for little gems in Tacoma.  You know those locations that the average public doesn’t know about.  It might be a store, business or even a park that only those local to that immediate area can appreciate. Every city typically has a few gems.  Today I found one while exploring the city of Tacoma.  The gem I found was appropriately named Antique Row.

Where are the Antiques in Tacoma?

Antique Row is located near 9th and Broadway in downtown Tacoma.  Apparently I missed an additional antique store called Mandarin Antiques and Pianos on St. Helens in Tacoma so I will have to check that store out the next time I visit the area.  As for the antique stores on Broadway they are all bunched next to each other so you can walk to each store without a problem.

My Favorite Stores

My wife and I differ in opinions when it came to the stores that we liked the best, but since I write this website I get to share my favorite stores with you.  Below are my favorite stores and a few reasons why you will want to check them out.

Tacomas Antique RowLily Pad Antiques & Old Toys

To be honest this store was my favorite out of all the antique stores we visited.  I am a bit bias as this store happened to have many of my childhood toys on hand.  As we looked thought the toy area I stopped to tell my son a brief story about how I use to have the toys and how much I loved playing with them.

The store has quite a bit of old Hot Wheels cars and other cars which appeared to be in mint condition.  There were a variety of original Star Wars action figures that were selling for reasonable prices.  On that note, almost every antique toy I found seemed to be in good to excellent condition and reasonably priced.  This antique store really appeals to the guys if I was to be stereotypical. 

This store is located at 756 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington.  They are opened 11am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday.  I am sure you will find a toy you played with during your childhood.

Sanford and Son Antiques & Auctions and the Middle Floor Merchants (20 shops)

This store was a ton of fun to walk through.  The unique antique items in this store were fun for my family to see.  The store is very large and spaced out so you didn’t feel like you were going to bump into or break something as you walked through it.  As you enter the store a model of the robot featured in the original Terminator Movie is there to greet you and it kind of sets the tone for the remainder of your experience.  The old building with slanted descending walkways makes you feel as if you are on an adventure. Some of the highlights of our experience was seeing a huge model ship which was a work in progress and some antique photography equipment.

Nearly all of the merchant stores were closed when we walked through the building.  My wife informed me that she wanted to come back to check out the shops on a later date because she could see things that she wanted to buy. 

The address for The Sanford & Son Antiques and the Middle Floor Merchants is 743 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington

Sanford and Son is open Wednesday through Sunday.  Check them out!


Other Shops of Note

Anew Thyme

This store was not open when we were exploring the antique area.  This antique store carries secondhand maternity clothing, and hand crafted baby items.  Our kids are too old for us to shop there but would be a good store for those with babies. 

Anew Thyme is located at 754 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington. They have a Facebook page at AnewThyme – Tacoma, WA.

They are open Wednesday through Saturday, 12pm to 5:30pm.

London Culture

London Culture is a unique secondhand store that carries high end used clothing.  There numerous racks of clothes in excellent condition and they carry vintage designer pieces from Prada, Dior, Chanel and Gucci.  You will also find shoes and some fancy purses.  My wife liked this store quite a bit.  The staff were very nice and engaging as we browsed the store.  This store fits in nicely to Tacoma’s Antique Row.

London Culture is located at 746 Broadway, Tacoma, Washington

Licks Antiques

Licks Antiques reminds me of a store that a picker would love looking through.  There is quite a bit to see in the store however the store is poorly organized.  Though they have many great antique pieces the most organized area appeared to be the table and dishware area.  Many beautiful place settings that would be a great addition to someone’s kitchen.

Other than what I previously mentioned, if you don’t mind tight quarters you are sure to find something that appeals to you.

Licks is located at 749 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington .

Shepard House Antiques

Shepard House Antiques is another modest antique store that carries a variety of antiques.  If you had found what you were looking for in the other stores, you may find it in this one.

Shepard House Antiques is located at 748 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington.  They are open 7 days a week from 11am to 5pm.

Broadway’s Best Antiques

Yet another great antique store on Tacoma’s Antique Row.  Another nice store with a vast supply of antiques.  One thing in particular that caught my eye was the vintage signs that they display for sale outside of the store.  Give Broadway’s Best Antiques a look and tell them that you found them on the Things to do in Tacoma website.

Broadway’s Best Antiques is located at 742 Broadway in Tacoma, Washington.

They are open Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 5:30pm.

Mandarin Antiques & Pianos

Last but not least is Mandarin Antiques & Pianos. To be honest we didn’t make it over to this business but will do so next time around.  They apparently sell Oriental Antiques, buy and sell pianos and also do some piano repair work.

Mandarin Antiques and Pianos is located at 616 St. Helens in Tacoma, Washington.  Their website is

Wrapping it up

If you’re looking for some fun and interesting window shopping make your way to Downtown Tacoma’s Antique Row. Whether you shop or just look at the relics from the past, I hope you enjoy yourself as much as my family did.

Have Fun,




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