Bars In Tacoma

Tacoma has a variety of bars and taverns to choose from. I share my experiences so you can choose the right bar for you.

Elemental Pizza in Tacoma – Good Food and a Good View

What better day to check out a restaurant or eat pizza than to do in on Easter Sunday?  You heard me, pizza on Easter.  That is how we roll.  To be truthful it wasn’t planned but we deliberately drove around downtown Tacoma looking for a restaurant to eat at that we had not been to and we came across Element ...

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The Stonegate Pizza & Rum Bar in Tacoma Review

The Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar is a relatively new bar on South Tacoma Way in Tacoma.  Established in 2009 by Jeff Call, Stonegate is one of the few restaurant bars that draws a crowd to the bar scene on South Tacoma Way.  At the moment Stonegate and Dawson’s are the only bars with live music and what I consider ...

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Tacoma Comedy Club – We Laughed and Loved it!

Our trip to the Tacoma Comedy Club has been a long time coming.   My wife and I have been talking about going to a comedy club in Tacoma since we moved to Tacoma and we finally did it on Saturday, September 14, 2013. On this day they had two show times on the day we were going.  The first show ...

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Dorky’s Bar Arcade – Something for Adults to do in Tacoma

To be clear, when I say Dorkys is an arcade for adults, I am saying that Dorky’s is a bar with arcade games throughout the building.  Now that I have clarified that, I can tell you what a great time my wife and I had at this establishment. The wife and I made plans to see a comedy show at ...

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Moctezumas Mexican Restaurant – Possibly the Best in Tacoma

Moctezumas is truly one of the top Mexican restaurants in Tacoma if not the best.  My family and I have ate at  this location several times and have not be disappointed during any visit. History of Moctezumas According to their website Moctezumas began as a hole in the wall restaurant by Arturo Garcia in 1978.  After 10 years at the ...

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Dawson’s Bar and Grill

Dawson’s Bar and Grill is located on the main drag of South Tacoma Way near the intersection of South Tacoma Way and 56th Street in Tacoma.  Dawson’s bar consists of two main rooms.  The main entrance mainly consists of the bar with a pool table near the rear area of the establishment.  The second main room consists of numerous tables ...

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