Restaurants in Tacoma

Reviews of restaurants in Tacoma so you know what your getting yourself into.

Dolce Si Sicilian Bakery & Cafe Review- Dessert Location in Tacoma

Dolce Si Point Ruston

Dolce Si Sicilian Bakery & Cafe opened their doors in November of 2015 and could not have picked a better location.  Located in Ruston, Washington on what many call the Tacoma, Waterfront, Dolce Si is the first business you come across as you enter Point Ruston. My wife and I had been looking to visit this bakery for some time ...

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Hot Rod Dog. One of my Favorite Places to Get a Hot Dog


My kids and I have a little tradition when we head to downtown Tacoma when it’s just them and me.  We usually head to one location like the Freight House Square, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Car Museum, or even the Glass Museum.  Now I already have year long passes to all the museums except one so this really doesn’t cost ...

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