Cerello’s Pizza Review – Is it the Best Pizza in Tacoma?

Usually when I think of pizza in the Tacoma area several franchise pizza parlors come to mind.  You have your elite Round Table (it’s my favorite), Pizza Hut, Little Caesars and Domino’s.  The previously mentioned pizza parlors all have their pros and cons whether it comes to quality or price.  My family and I decided to get out of our comfort zone and try something new by eating at Cerello’s Pizza.

We had driven passed Cerello’s Pizza numerous times over the years but never thought about eating there until recently.  It was really only by chance that we decided to eat there (the family made a choice between pizza and a nearby Subway).

We came around lunch time and may have been one of their first customers of the day.  The owner/chef seated us quickly and was very polite.  I didn’t catch his name but you could tell that he paid special attention to every customer as if he truly knew how important each customer was to his business.

Cheesy Bread Twists at Cerello'sWe ordered cheesy bread twists as a starter which tasted very good.

My wife and I split a large pizza.  Half was pepperoni and the other half (for my wife) was garlic bacon.  My children order personal cheese pizzas.

I can personally vouch for the pepperoni pizza and say they did it justice.  I am pretty picky when it comes to pepperoni pizzas.  I previously only held one pizza place in high regard when it came to having quality pizza.  After eating at Cerello’s I can say they are at the top of my list for pizza places in Tacoma.

Cerellos offers much more than just pizza.  They make oven sandwiches, offer a variety of pasta dishes and salads and of course have plenty of sides to choose from.  I can vouch for the cheesy bread twists as a good starter.

Cerellos in Tacoma

What I really liked about Cerellos!

Customer Service – I really loved the customer service and the owners attention to his customers.

Food – The food we ate on our visit was very good and we will be back again soon.

Clean- Everything was very clean and in order.

Wine Anyone? – Unlike most pizza places, this restaurant offers wine with your pizza.

What Could Have Been Better?

The only complaint I have is that the dining area is a little small.  There are two tables that seat four and a few tables that seat two.  It’s not a deal breaker by any means; it’s just the only thing I thought could have been better.

This business has been around for awhile.  As we paid our bill I believe the owner stated the business had been around for 13 years.  Of those 13 years he had been the owner for a little over a year.

My Recommendation

This pizza place is what I would consider a mom and pop operation.  It’s small and good.  The owner and his staff treat customers as if they all are special.  If you like great tasting pizza then this is a great place to visit.

Cerello’s is located at:

4916 Center Street

Suite #P

Tacoma, Washington 98409

(253) 566-9000


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