Dorky’s Bar Arcade – Something for Adults to do in Tacoma

To be clear, when I say Dorkys is an arcade for adults, I am saying that Dorky’s is a bar with arcade games throughout the building.  Now that I have clarified that, I can tell you what a great time my wife and I had at this establishment.

The wife and I made plans to see a comedy show at the Tacoma Comedy Club.  The show didn’t start until 10:30 p.m. and we wanted to do something before the show started.  We had heard about Dorky’s through friends and thought we would see what it was all about.

Our Experience

Dorky’s is located in the bar area of downtown Tacoma and parking was limited in the area.  We found parking a couple blocks away which made for a quick walk to the Arcade.

We were greeted by the door man (possibly a bouncer as he was big enough to be one).  The doorman checked our ID’s and stamped our hands. My wife and I walked in and just started walking around to see how big the place was, find where the beer stand was located and of course to see what games this arcade had.

We played several video games and they all seemed to be in good operating order.  The wife and I each drank a beer while playing games.  The music is loud (not a bad thing) and the DJ was playing music that seemed perfect for the environment.

Overall it was a good experience however I break down the particulars below.  Be sure to read the additional thoughts at the bottom.

Dorky's Video GamesHow Big is Dorky’s?

Dorky’s is a decent size arcade.  When I first entered the building you can either turn right or left.  Right will take you to the bulk of the arcade games and towards the live DJ.  Taking a left will take you to the beer bar area and an additional room full of arcade games.  Overall the building is quite big which allows for Dorky’s to have plenty of room for games.

What do they have at the Bar?

Dorky’s bar is a beer bar.  They don’t serve mixed drinks or hard alcohol.  They have a large variety of beer which includes imports and beers you might not come across frequently.   They sell food but the restaurant area near the bar appeared to be really unorganized.

I tried to find out what kind of food they had through their website as I was writing this review but their website isn’t complete which was a bit disappointing considering they have been in business for a few years now.

I ordered a Corona and my wife ordered a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.   I didn’t feel very adventurous and my wife typically doesn’t drink alcohol in a can or bottle.  What was a bit disappointing was there was only one person behind the bar and it seemed to take forever to get to the front of the line to order our beers.

What type of Arcade Games do they Have a Dorky’s Arcade?Dorky's Video Games

Dorky’s has a mix of new and old games.  The majority of the games are old school like Mortal Combat, Skate or Die and of course the very old school games like Pac Man, Asteroids and Dig Dug.  My wife found herself playing a few pinball games.

I liked how all the games seemed appropriately priced.  Mortal Combat was 25 cents each game and pinball was around 50 cents a game.  The newer or fancier games were slightly more but you get a better gaming experience with those games as well.

What is the Crowd Like?

We got to Dorky’s between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday.  There was a healthy mix of women and men playing video games.  It appeared that many of the men and women were on dates or were “couples”.

I would guess that the majority of the crowd was in between the early 20’s and mid 30’s.  I didn’t witness any riffraff or safety concerns during our time there.

The DJ was playing some good tunes and was really in to what he was doing.  The music and video game experience went well together.

Dorky's SignAdditional Thoughts About Dorky’s Bar Arcade

While searching for hours of operation online I came across various reviews and articles written about Dorky’s.

Many of the reviews I found were negative in regards to their experience with Dorky’s.  They weren’t all bad but there were clearly enough negative review’s to catch my attention.

There were also references to children being allowed to play the video games at this establishment.  I have friends who have taken their children there and had a great time.  With that being said there were plenty of references online with previous customers having negative experiences in the past when bringing their children.  I also stumbled on a comment that indicated that children under 7 years of age could not play the games.

With that being said I would make a personal recommendation to not bring you kids to this establishment.  I believe this place is better suited for adults despite being an arcade.

I will likely be back again someday. If you decide to check them out, be sure to comment on your experience in the comment section below.

Dorky’s Bar Arcade Hours of Operation

Sunday: 100 PM-200AM

Monday: 400PM-200AM

Tuesday: 400PM-200AM

Wednesday: 400PM-200AM

Thursday: 400PM-200AM

Friday: 1100AM-200AM

Saturday: 1100AM-200AM


754 Pacific Avenue

Tacoma,  WA 98402

(253) 627-4156


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