Elemental Pizza in Tacoma – Good Food and a Good View

What better day to check out a restaurant or eat pizza than to do in on Easter Sunday?  You heard me, pizza on Easter.  That is how we roll.  To be truthful it wasn’t planned but we deliberately drove around downtown Tacoma looking for a restaurant to eat at that we had not been to and we came across Element Pizza.


It was Easter so as my family and I entered it was expectedly empty inside.  An employee told us as soon as we walked in to head upstairs and take any seat that we wanted.  We took a seat next to a window that gave us a view of the Union Station and the Tacoma Art Museum.


The entire restaurant looks fancy and is nicely decorated.  The tables were a little uneven in the booths and looked as though a bunch of fence boards were glued together but the glue was breaking apart.  I think it was the look they were going for on the tables and truthfully didn’t matter to me however you had to be careful where you placed your glass.



We began our dinner by ordering the Stromboli as an appetizer

I ordered the 12” pepperoni pizza

My wife ordered the 12” margherita pizza

My daughter ordered the potato kale soup and caesar Salad

And my son ordered the 12” cheese pizza


The Stromboli appetizer was very good.  The crust was fluffy and flakey and there was just the right amount of cheese and pepperoni in each bite.  A marinara sauce accompanied the stromboli and my wife noticed how fresh it was as she could see that it wasn’t processed.  You could see small chunks of tomatoes in the sauce.


The pizzas were on the thinner side.  The hand tossed pizza did not have a thin crust but more like a modern pizza if there is such a thing.  The pizzas just tasted like they were made with fresh ingredients.


My daughters salad had these huge shavings of parmesan cheese on it.  I was able to taste her salad and it was probably one of the better caesar salads I had tasted in a long time.

Elemental Pizza Tacoma


How much I paid for dinner on Easter Sunday (Happy Hour Prices)

Stromboli ______________$7.00

12” Margherita Pizza_________$8.00

12” Pepperoni PIzza_________$8.00

12” Cheese Pizza___________$10.00

Caesar Salad___________$5.00

Cup of Potato Kale Soup__$4.50

Ice Cream Sandwich _____$4.50

3 Sprite Sodas__________$8.25

After tax total __________$60.50

A $60 dollar dinner seems relatively reasonable but these were Sunday Happy hour prices.  If we ordered any of this food when it wasn’t happy hour the price of each pizza would have almost doubled.


The restaurant has a back patio with chairs and tables facing the University of Washington Tacoma campus area which wasn’t being used when we were there but I can imagine will be a popular area to eat at during the summer months.



Since they sent us upstairs to the bar area when we arrived I didn’t get a chance to check out the downstairs area. I was only able to peek around as my family and I were leaving.  It looked as though anyone seated in the downstairs area can see the chefs making pizza.  Those eating down stairs have a view of the main street as well with a very pretty view.


Everyone liked the food and had nothing to complain about.  The consistent theme of their food is everything tasted fresh.  

The view was fun to look at while we waited for our food. If I was to recommend anything in particular it would be a booth near the window upstairs.  It is next to the bar, but it was pretty quiet since it was a pretty slow business day on that particular afternoon.


I wasn’t particularly overwhelmed by the service.  It wasn’t horrible by any means but we were waited on by the bartender and we felt as though we were an afterthought during our time there.  We were only checked on once and that was at the end of our meal.  I had the feeling as though they were short staffed for that particular day since it was Easter so I wouldn’t hold it against them.  


This is definitely a location to check out right on the main strip of Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma.  I would recommend going during happy hour which is from 3 p.m. to 6pm,  Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.  

The restaurant is clean, new and fits in perfectly with the museum district.  I can imagine  this restaurant will become more and more popular over time.  

One thing to note is that the Happy Hour is only good in the bar according to their website.  So it looks as though to get those prices you will have to eat upstairs.


Elemental Pizza is located at :

1702 Pacific Ave

Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 272-4000


Hours of Operation:

Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Website: http://elementalpizza.com/

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