Great Northwest Popcorn – A Very Cool Store in Tacoma

When my family and I recently explored the down town area of Tacoma (which was near the University of Washington and the Museum District) and we wandered upon a store that was recommended to me by another family.  The store is a simple one but I believe it to be a fun stop for anyone walking in the down town area of Tacoma.   The store is called the Great Northwest Popcorn.  Let me say I have seriously never been excited about popcorn until our visit here. 

Popcorn 1My wife and son found the bags of popcorn that they were interested in.  My wife grabbed the Almond Joy bag and my son decided upon the Huckleberry.  I grabbed a bag of Deluxe Carmel for good measure.  Let me tell you that the Deluxe Carmel is like a dessert and I actually had to be careful how much I ate because I couldn’t stop.

The store has candies, ice cream, hand dipped chocolates and Jelly Bellies.  Apparently they have 50 different flavors of popcorn. My daughter and I walked out with chocolate peanut butter cups and they were delightful. 

I wouldn’t even write about this small popcorn shop if I didn’t think you would love it. Check this place out if you are in the downtown Tacoma area and tell them that the Things to do in Tacoma website pointed you there.

The store is located at 1948 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402.

The hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Their website is

Your welcome in advance!



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