Hot Rod Dog. One of my Favorite Places to Get a Hot Dog

My kids and I have a little tradition when we head to downtown Tacoma when it’s just them and me.  We usually head to one location like the Freight House Square, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Car Museum, or even the Glass Museum.  Now I already have year long passes to all the museums except one so this really doesn’t cost me a thing each time I go with the family.  Don’t worry I am getting to the Hot Rod Dogs review.

After going to that one location we usually head over to Hot Rod Dogs which is located across from the Union Station.


Hot Rod Dogs is a very small hot dog restaurant. To be fair it doesn’t need a lot of room to cook the dogs and house the food, drinks and chips.  Hot Rod Dogs spices things up with the decor.  The front of the hot dog stand is the back end of a Camaro and in the condiment area is the back end of a Corvette.  I am a huge Camaro fan so it wasn’t hard for me to like this place.


Hot Rod Dogs has 6 different types of hot dogs.

All Beef Kosher Dog– My son’s favorite hot dog.  An over-sized all beef hot dog.

Kielbasa– Traditional sausage blended with garlic and spices

Mozzarella Cheese Sausage- Blended pork with mozzarella and cheese

Chili Dog- Hot dog topped with chilli and Tillamook cheddar

Bratwurst- My favorite.

Vegetarian- I have never tasted this one.  Apparently it is a Tofurkey Italian Sausage.

Hot Rod Dogs has all the fresh condiment toppings that you might want.


This is a straightforward hot dog stand that provides good hot dogs.  You buy your hot dog, find a seat and then eat your food.  Its a good place to take the family and it isn’t a big to do to have lunch.

Every time we finish eating at Hot Rod Dogs we walk over to Hello Cupcake.  Be sure to check that out as well.

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