Jewel Box Cafe at Point Ruston in Tacoma Review

Little by little new businesses are popping up, adding more to do at Point Ruston.  The Jewel Box Cafe has recently opened its doors and I would say it is a perfect addition to the Point Ruston area.

I was blown away by the unique decor, seating and overall environment of the Jewel Box Cafe.  It’s not just a cafe, it is an experience that attracts customers of all ages.  I was drawn to it as I imagined myself  finding a table, plugging in my laptop and writing for this website or reports for my regular job.

But recently my family and I just stopped by to get some coffee, stay warm and sit and to talk next to fireplace.

We ordered two coffees and they were brought to us in large coffee cups unexpectedly.  Truthfully we were expecting coffees to be given to us in to go cups like many other customers but when given the large cups we stayed. And it gave me more time to sit and talk with my wife and kids as well as observe the customers and the overall experience of the place.

Balcony Seaiting Jewel Box Cafe
Balcony Seating

Then we came a second time for lunch.  It was the week between Christmas and New Years so many families were out and about with their kids, so it was pretty crowded but the service was still very good.  I will share our experience with the food below.


The cafe has a relatively large seating area to house many guests.  There isn’t one particular theme but the have antique looking chairs and couches next to the fire that can also be seen while walking by the cafe.  There is a mixture of antique “looking” and modern decorations within the cafe.  It’s cute and unlike anything I have ever seen.


One of things that caught my eye and I am sure will catch you eye is the private booth areas with plugs for your electrical devices.  It seems to be the location that the teenage/college students take up to study.

Jewel Box Cafe Point Ruston Seating 2

There are stairs that lead to upstairs seating where there are even more booths for slightly more privacy than the general table seating on the main floor.

Jewel Box Cafe Point Ruston Seating

And of course the old fashioned looking chairs and couch next to fire are very comfortable.

Jewel Box Cafe Point Ruston Seating


Below is an example of some of the food they have available at the Jewel Box Cafe:


For breakfast they offer:

Breakfast Crepe  – $8.95

Breakfast Panini – $7.95

Crispy French Toast – $9.95

Meat Breakfast Wrap – $6.96

Veggie Breakfast Wrap – $6.95

Grilled Meat English Muffin – $4.95

Grilled Veggie English Muffin – $4.95

Fruit Cup – $3.95


They provide a variety of crepes that cover the sweet and savory options.  The savory option prices range from $9.95 to $11.95.  The sweet options range from $6.95 to $7.95.

Salads – Sandwiches -Bubble Tea – Smoothies

The Jewel Cafe offers 4 different types of salads

  • Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Cobb Salad
  • House Entree Salad

They have a variety of sandwiches whether it be grilled paninis, traditional deli style sandwiches, toasted baguettes, melts and they even have a kid sandwich meal.

What we ate at Jewel Box Cafe

  • Me- Panini Grilled Italian Sandwich – $10.95
  • Wife- Sauteed Chicken Toasted Baguette – $9.95
  • Daughter- Seasoned Grilled Cheese Panini $9.95
  • Son – Chicken Quesadilla – $7.49

We had about a 15 minute wait for our order which was impressive considering how busy they were that day.

Grilled Italian Panini

Jewel Box Cafe Grilled Italian Panini 2

The Grilled Italian Panini had options of sides but I chose the soup of the day which was a chicken gumbo soup.  It also had crackers and a pickle on the side.  The panini had salami, pepperoni, mortadella, pickled sweet peppers, tomatoes, pesto aioli & swiss cheese.  The panini was grilled just long enough to grill the bread lightly and melt the cheese.  The bread was soft and fresh.  I even dipped my sandwich into my soup a few times which was actually a good combination.  It was a good sandwich and one I would order again.

Jewel Box Cafe Grilled Italian Panini 1
Grilled Italian Panini

Sauteed Chicken Toasted Baguette

My wife really enjoyed the Sauteed Chicken Toasted Baguette and told me it was a sandwich I should try on our next visit. It was served with mayo, a coleslaw made of daikon and carrots, cilantro, cucumbers & jalapenos.  My wife said she should have requested no jalapenos because she did eat one in the sandwich and she was immediately looking for water.  Other than the jalapeno incident she said she really enjoyed the sandwich and it reminded her of an authentic Vietnamese sandwich.

Jewel Box Cafe Sauteed Chicken Toasted Baguette
Sauteed Chicken Toasted Baguette

Chicken Quesadilla

My son had the chicken quesadilla and he could not finish it. The quesadilla had really large chunks of chicken in it which made it very filling. I had a slice of it as well after he couldn’t finish it and it was quite tasty.

Jewel Box Cafe Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Quesadilla

Seasoned Grilled Cheese Panini

My daughter identified this as the best grilled cheese she had ever tasted before.  The sandwich came with cheddar and swiss cheeses with basil pesto & fresh tomatoes.  It also had the nice soft bread that was on my sandwich.

She too had the soup of the day and had no complaints about the soup.

Seasoned Grilled Cheese Panini
Seasoned Grilled Cheese Panini


We have visited the Jewel Box Cafe three times and on all of the visits we ordered the same thing.  I ordered an Americano with light ice to attempt to make it drinkable and my wife ordered a tall sugar free vanilla latte on two occasions and on one occasion a peppermint mocha.

Jewel Box Cafe Coffee Mugs

On all occasions we were happy with how our drinks were made.  My wife is very picky about how her drink is made and she had no complaints; nor did I.

Jewel Box Cafe Point Ruston


I really like this place.  It is fun, different and all I would ask is that you peek in and look around.  This location has the best of both worlds where in the winter you can sit by the fire and stay warm or in the summer you can step out and be right next to the water.

I will surely update this article as I visit Jewel Box Cafe in Point Ruston and get a chance to eat more of the food.


When it was all said and done the bill for 4 meals and two coffees came to a little over $50.  I thought the quality, taste of the food and environment made it all worth it for a family of 4.

If you decide to check out the Jewel Box Cafe in Tacoma please be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and experiences with the restaurant.




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