Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant in Ocean Shores Review

I have been to the Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant on two occasions so I thought it was time that I give it a proper review I visit Ocean Shores enough to provide a helpful review for those looking for somewhere to eat.


The Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant isn’t much to look at from the outside but as we all know never judge a book by it’s cover.   My family is always looking to try a new restaurant since we visit Ocean shore about four or five times a year.  We hadn’t found a decent burger joint in Ocean Shores in the past 10 years until now.

Now I know that the name Moby Dick Seafood makes it sound like it is a restaurant that it only sells seafood but that is far from what this restaurant offers.

Below is one of two very large menus in the restaurant.

Moby_Dick_Ocean_Shores_ Wall Menu

This restaurant is run by teens or young adults as far as I could tell.  We visited on a weekday during dinner time so it wasn’t very busy. Thank goodness.

Below is what we ordered and how much we paid:

I ordered- Bacon Cheese Burger  (comes with fries) ____________$7.98


I ordered – Chocolate Milkshake _____________________________$3.99

Son ordered- Kids Plain Cheeseburger (comes with fries and soda)_$5.99

Plain Cheeseburger_Moby_Dick_Ocean_Shores

Daughter ordered- Sourdough Clam Chowder Bowl_____________$7.99

Sourdough_Bowl_Moby_Dick_Ocean_Shores 4

Wife and I ordered x2- Small Clam Chowders__________________$7.18

Clam_Chowder_Moby_Dick_Ocean_Shores 2

Wife ordered- Cheese Burger (comes with fries) _______________$6.48

Wife ordered a Soda______________________________________$1.99

After taxes we paid $45.14

We received our order no more than about 10 minutes after ordering our food.  They brought us several cups of fry sauces along with our order.

All of our burgers tasted great.  When it came to the lettuce, tomatoes, etc… everything seemed fresh.  The fries were crinkle cut fries and came out warm and freshly cooked.

The milkshake came in a tall cup and I was very happy with the taste.  The shake was so large I was surprised if finished it.

My daughter devoured her Sourdough Clam Chowder Bowl.  It was something she had ordered before and was looking forward to ordering it again on this visit.

The small clam chowders were very creamy and had a great taste.  I am not a clam chowder connoisseur but I will surely order it again when we visit next time.

There are approximately 9 tables for 4 inside and a ton of bench seating outside should you choose to do so.  There is one bathroom and I was pleased to see that it is kept up and clean.


Overall I was very happy eating at this restaurant with my family because the food was great and the bill didn’t break the bank. That is the best combination to have on a vacation.

If you check out Moby Dick Seafood make sure you come back and comment on your experience.

Moby Dick is located at 788 Point Brown Ave NE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569.

Phone: (360) 289-2777