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Tacoma Glass Museum

My son and I visited the Glass Museum in Tacoma, Washington with my son’s friend and his father.  It had been almost two years since I had been to the museum with my family and I was really looking forward to seeing the new exhibits.  If you have never been to the Glass Museum in Tacoma there are essentially 6 things to do while you are there.

1.)    See the glass exhibits

2.)    Watch movie in the theater

3.)    See the live making of glass

4.)    Eat in there café

5.)    Make pictures of potential glass sculptures

6.)    The gift shop

Our Exhibit and Theater Experience

To be very honest I was quite disappointed with the exhibits that were available for viewing.  We were hoping for many creative glass blown sculptures and creations be saw very little of it in the exhibit hall.  We were informed from a staff member that the majority of the exhibits were closed because the featured artist was having his sculptures returned to him as their time was up at the museum. To be fair, this was not the same experience that I had the last time I visited the museum.  I can only assume that we had come on a bad day.  After our brief stint in the exhibit area we stopped briefly in the theatre however this area as not very exciting for our children so we moved on.  The movie that was playing was very informative for teenagers and adults and I would have stayed and watch longer if our little ones would have enjoyed it as well.

Live Glass Making

We weren’t having much luck with the exhibits or the theater so we headed over to the live glass making Glass Horsearea.  We sat in the front row of the small theater seating area and began to interact with the commentator.  On this day the glass museum had been commissioned to make decanters for a local liquor maker in Washington.  This was definitely the highlight of our experience at the Glass Museum and the other dad that was with me enjoyed learning about how glass bottles were made.  He is a scuba diver and searches for old bottles while diving, so the glass making process on this day was particularly interesting to him.  Towards the end of our time in the live glass making area one of the artists took a minute to do a live demonstration.  The artist created a small horse sculpture in a matter of minutes.  We were amazed at the talent of the artist creating the beautiful glass horse.

If you have never been in the live glass making area it really is a sight to see.  The awkward cone shaped area room is something you will likely never see again.  If you can’t see what the artists are doing you can look at the live action on the video screen to see a close up look at what is taking place.

Glass Museum Art Room

After our time seeing the glass artist at work, we headed over the art room. In this area children can draw pictures that can potentially be made into glass sculptures.  This was actually the one area that our 4 year old boys were looking forward to going to.  Our children drew some pictures and we headed over to the gift shop before heading out.

Gift Shop

The Glass Museum Gift Shop is one of the best gift shops I have seen.  Hundreds if not thousands of glass art is for sale in the gift shop. Many of the glass pieces are that of underwater life.  We loved looking around at everything they had, and ended up purchasing some small glass lady bugs that were $1.00 each.  It was something that the children could have to remember their time with their dads at the Glass Museum.

Overall our experience at the Glass Museum was pretty good.  I would definitely call the museum in advance or check out their website to make sure there are plenty of exhibits to see so you can get your monies worth.  I also think that the glass museum might be better suited for ages 6 and up.  If you really want to see some talented glass artists then the live glass making is worth the admission.

The Glass Museum’s hours of operation are: Wednesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

The third Thursday of each month it is open from 10am to 8pm.

The Glass Museum is located at 1801 Dock Street, Tacoma, Washington 98402.

For more information head over to the Glass Museum Website.



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