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Roller skating is activity that the whole family can participate in.  I would be willing to bet that if you live in Tacoma you are unfamiliar with the local roller skate center located in the Fircrest/Tacoma area.  In the past our family would drive to another city just to go roller skating because we were under the impression that a roller skating center did not exist in our town.  But as you can imagine I wouldn’t be writing about roller skating in Tacoma if a skate center didn’t exist.

This weekend, which was also Memorial Day weekend my family and I made our way over to the Tacoma roller skating rink named Rolling 253.  Rolling 253 is located off the West Mildred Street in Tacoma.  At first sight you would not think you are looking at a roller skating rink.  The building is kind of tucked away in business area which is not the norm.  Typically you find other roller skating centers in a single building away from all other buildings.

Entering the Skate Center

My family and I entered the skate center and were immediately greeted by the Roller Skatingindividual running the front desk.  We paid 32 dollars for the four of us which included shoe rental.  The tickets were for the shoe rentals.  Paying 8 dollars a person seem pretty reasonable considering it included skates and we could skate as long as we wanted.

We walked to the back of the center and gave the staff member in charge of the shoe rental our tickets.  We received our roller skates which were in excellent condition and headed out to the skating area but not before getting a skate buddy for my son who didn’t know how to skate.  A skate buddy is like a walker on wheels which comes in a variety of sizes to help new skaters learn the basics of skating.


My family and I skated intermittently for about 3 hours.  My son started skating with a skate buddy and was skating on his own by the end of our time there.  Games were played about 3 or 4 times during the 3 hours we were there.  The music played ranged from the 70’s  to the most recent music you would hear on the radio.  The staff roller skated along with everyone else to help those who had fallen and to make sure everyone was being safe.


Though I can only vouch for the men’s bathroom, I can say that the bathroom was very clean.

Video Games

There were 5 or 6 video games placed near the skating area. Of the games available to play only half of the games were operable.  This was a bit disappointing but my family was having quite a bit of fun on the skating floor so it didn’t bother us very much.


There is a snack bar for those who get hungry.  I saw candy, pizza, nachos and popcorn for sale. There may have been more but we didn’t take very much time to inspect it because we didn’t eat there.  The snack bar area looked very clean.

Sports and Lessons

The skate center’s website indicates they provide the following:

  • Lessons for the Intro to Roller Sports
  • Toxic 253 Jr Roller Derby
  • Speed Skating Classes
  • Drop-in Adult Hockey

I would recommend visiting the Rolling 253 website for more information on the aforementioned activities.

My Recommendation

I can truly say that my family and I will be back to roller skate at this center again.  I would also recommend this skate center to those living in Tacoma and those visiting.  The skate center is clean, inviting and very family friendly.  I very impressed to see so many families at the center.  I give this place two thumbs up and will be back again!

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Rolling 253

2101 W Mildred St Tacoma, WA 98466


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