Tacoma Children’s Museum

If ever there was a place that allowed children to use their imagination, meet and play with other children or to be interactive with their parents, the Children’s Museum of Tacoma provides exactly what you are looking for. Located in the Museum District of Tacoma, the Children’s Museum offers a fun location for parents to bring their children.

History of the Tacoma Children’s Museum

Children's Museum of TacomaThe Children’s Museum was created in 1985 by parents, teachers and community leaders who were passionate about creating something fun and original for those in the Pierce County area.  The museum opened in 1986 and remained in it’s original location for approximately 10 years.

Because of their awesome reputation over the 10 years at its original location, the communities demand on the services became too great and the small location could not accommodate the increasing amount of children at that location.  The Children’s Museum moved to a larger location in the Kress Building where there was 3,800 square feet of space provides multiple exhibits for children.

In January of 2012 the museum moved to its current location in the Museum District where the space is even larger and houses very unique structures and exhibits for the children to learn with and use their imagination.

What’s inside the Tacoma Children’s Museum?

The main lobby is the first thing you see when entering the Children’s Museum.   The front registration desk is where you check in and review the three rules for children in the museum. These rules are: 1.) No running, 2.) No yelling, 3.) Don’t lose your parents.  At the desk you have the option to make a donation. Any type of donation is appreciated. Behind the registration desk is a café for those parents that might need a pastry of caffeine pick me up.  There is also a locker area for those who don’t want to carry coats and items that will interfere with the fun.


Woods in the Tacoma Children's museumAs you enter the play area the first exhibit you encounter is the Woods area.  The area is a two level play area that children play on.  The area is very well designed and encourages a child’s imagination.


The second exhibit is the water area.  Children wear large bibs to Water areaprotect their clothes from the two water stream areas.  Uniquely designed interactive streams allow the children to place various items at the beginning of the streams so that they can watch their items float down to the small pool at the end.  This description does not do the water area justice as you will have to experience the fun for yourself.


Across the water exhibit is Becka’s Studio where you can paint, draw, color and create to your heart’s content.  Many young artist have been observed writing or painting on walls.  The whole family can create something unique together for lasting memories.  


IMG_1434Imaginations soar when children see the ship like structure with wings.  This two level ship has steering wheels, pulleys with a basket for moving items between the first and second level, phones for those on the top of the ship to talk with someone on the bottom and two stationary bicycles that power the wings which hover above the ship.  Children can’t help but use their imagination on the Flying Ship.


Rocket Slide
Rocket Slide

Blast off with the rocket slide.  This simple but fun slide looks like a space ship.  Once you reach the top of the ship you can slide down the sleek tube back to earth.


This tangled tube fun allows users to place handkerchiefs in the tubes and watch them fly throughout the tubes and exit from various locations.  Children will enjoy watching and controlling the flow of air as the handkerchiefs fly through the tubes.


Near the Air Tube Fun area are building blocks and special kid friendly building materials for children to create and build.  Additionally there is table with special magnetic building materials that allow children to build items with a little help from the magnets.

The museum has staff floating throughout the area to ensure users of the area have a safe and fun experience.  The staff in general are extremely friendly and helpful.

Operating hours for the Tacoma Children’s Museum are as follows:

  • Wednesday through Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Closed Tuesday

Member only hours:

  • Monday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. (opened only to members)
  • Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. (get in one hour early)

The address of the Tacoma Children’s Museum is located at 1501 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402.

For more information visit the Children’s Museum website.

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