Tacoma Szechuan – The Best Chinese Food in the Tacoma Area

Finding a great Chinese food restaurant can be a challenge in any city.  My wife and I had a date night recently and we decided that our dinner option would be Chinese food.  The only Chinese food restaurant we have trusted in the area was located in Federal Way, Washington  and we didn’t want to drive that far for dinner.  It was our mission to find a decent Chinese food restaurant in the Tacoma area.  When it was all said and done I can say we accomplished our mission.

Welcome to Tacoma Szechuan – Lakewood

The Tacoma Szechuan is a hidden gem.  No really, it kinda hard to find due to its location.  My wife and I accidentally found it when driving through the shopping center parking area where it is located.  But being hard to find makes this restaurant a word of mouth restaurant.

The Tacoma Szechuan Experience

First Impression

We came for dinner on a Friday night and was greeted by a young man that told us to sit wherever we wanted.  He warned us that the service might be a little slower than usual as they were pretty busy.  The reason they were busy on this particular night was because a party of 20 was having a birthday party dinner at the restaurant.  As we walked to our table near the window I felt my feet sticking to the floor (I will explain later).  We took our seats and a waiter took our drink order moments later.

Quick Analysis

  • The restaurant has a very open layout.
  • It’s decorated nicely with modern colors on the walls and various tasteful art displayed throughout the restaurant.
  • The restaurant is very clean
  • The staff were friendly

The MenuTacoma Szechuan Fried Rice

Tacoma Szechuan pretty much has every type of dish on the menu you would expect to see.  I also heard from another customer that there is a secret menu that isn’t provided to the general public.  I didn’t pursue that menu as I am pretty conservative when it comes to food in general.

The prices in my opinion were pretty standard for Chinese food dishes.  My wife and I order the following:

  • Pot Stickers (12) – Fried Dumplings $6.99
  • Orange Chicken $11.50
  • Mongolian Beef $11.50
  • Fried Rice (Combination) $ 8.45
Pot Stickers

Some of the best Pot Stickers I have had in a long time.  They are a little smaller than restaurants typically make them but the amount provided makes up for their size.

Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is what I order every time I have Chinese food.  The chicken was very good but not the best I have ever tasted.  I have no complaints with the taste or texture.  Anyone who orders this will not be disappointed.

Mongolian Beef

My wife typically orders Mongolian Beef when she has Chinese food.  I usually avoid it as it is not my favorite but she made me try it.  The flavor of their Mongolian Beef was amazing.  My wife and I were extremely impressed by the taste and flavor.

Fried Rice Combination

The Combination Fried Rice included carrots, shrimp, chicken, beef, eggs and peas.   This was by far the best fried rice my wife or I had ever tasted.  We could have just ordered the fried rice and been completely happy with our experience at this restaurant. Ya, that is how good it was.


The staff were very friendly.  They were not overly attentive or under attentive.  They seemed to be very aware of their customer’s needs.  There was a point where I needed a fork as I was struggling with the chop sticks.  Before I even had the chance to ask for a fork a waiter came to our table with forks and asked if we preferred forks rather than the chop sticks.  That little bit of service let me know that they were paying attention to their customers from a far which was very cool.

Interesting Things to Note About Tacoma Szechuan

We were completely satisfied with our meals. For the first time ever I wanted to box whatever remained of our dinner to eat later.  The food was so good I was looking forward to eating the left overs late that night.  It was that good.

The staff don’t wear uniforms.  Most of the staff consisted of young adults who were all courteous and friendly.

This is a family run business and is run by an owner who cares very much about the business, food and her customers.

I can honestly say this was probably the best Chinese food I have ever had.

The floor is sticky because previous business owners painted the floor with wall paint instead of paint designed for floors. Don’t worry, the floors are clean.

Tacoma Szechuan also sells Smoothies.

You can order food through their website for pickup.


I give this Chinese restaurant in Tacoma/Lakewood two thumbs up.  I would recommend this location to anyone who enjoys great tasting Chinese food.  Click  on the pictures to get a glimpse of our experience!

 Tacoma Szechuan is located at:

9601 South Tacoma Way

Lakewood, Washington 98499

(253) 581-0102

To visit their website click here.