The Curb Coffee Shop in Fircrest

The Curb Coffee Shop in Fircrest

The Curb Coffee Shop is located on the corner of Orchard and Emerson on South Orchard Street in Fircrest, Washington. The Curb is a new coffee shop in the area between Tacoma and the Fircrest area.  And since I am a fan of coffee I had to stop by and check it out.


The curb has been open for 4 months as of the day I visited.  I found the staff to be very friendly and warm when ordering my grande Americano (with a little ice to cool it off) and a small sugar donuts. I love visiting new businesses in the Tacoma area, and I am always happy to visit a coffee shop.  

The walls are painted a fun blue and yellow.  There are a variety of table sizes that I imagine make it comfortable for groups larger than two to sit together. Some of the tables have wood slabs that looked very original and unique as the bark can been seen at the bottom of the table.  It is a good place to get some work done, meet friends or just to hang out and read.


The Curb in Fircrest
Fun Colors – Notice the screen on the wall


The music that filled the coffee shop had a smooth pop sound but wasn’t too loud, so you could have a conversation over the music.

They have designated outdoor seating which I can imagine will be fun during the good weather days.  

There are charging outlets to plug in devices at almost all the tables.  One thing in particular I liked was at the bar next to the window there are phone charging cables for both Android and iPhone phones and numerous outlets for other devices like computers.

The Curb Coffee Shop
Outlets on the tables


I sat at the bar seating in a cushiony chair which was very comfortable and watched cars travel by as I wrote most of this review.

Window Chairs The Curb
Nice View


The bathrooms were clean (at least the men’s bathroom was).  

Last but not least one thing I thought was cool was a screen on the wall that is sharing video of the baristas making coffee.  It was something small and different that I thought made the curb stand out a little from other coffee shops.


If you check them out let me know your experience in the comment section.  

The Curb coffee shop is located at 4040 S Orchard St W, Fircrest, WA 98466.  Their phone number is (253) 267-5638.  And here is their facebook page.